Retropolitan’s 5 Top Tips for a Hosting Successful Private Party

Hosting a successful private party at Retropolitan is a breeze, but here are our top 5 tips to help you host a memorable and enjoyable event:

Plan Ahead: Start planning your private party in advance to ensure you get the date you are wanting. Consider the number of guests, the theme or occasion, and any special requirements or preferences. Contact us in advance to discuss availability, your party requirements, and any specific arrangements you may need.

Set a Budget: If you are picking up the tab, make sure you determine a budget for your private party We can work with you to make sure we can cater to your budget and help you manage it on the night.

Customise the Experience: Work closely with the bar to personalise the party experience as best we can. Discuss our menu and drink options, and any special requests you may have such as celebratory cakes. We can incorporate some themed decorations to create a personal atmosphere that aligns with the occasion or your preferences.

Communicate with your Guests: Send out invitations well in advance and clearly communicate all the details of the party, including the date, time, location, dress code (if any), and any specific instructions or activities planned. Make it easy for guests to RSVP and provide any necessary updates or reminders closer to the event.

Entertainment and Activities: Consider the entertainment and activities that will enhance the party experience. Retropolitan can arrange for live music, our amazing retro DJ, or a playlist that suits the ambiance if you have the whole venue booked. Retropolitan is famous for its a lively atmosphere.

We will try and take all the stress and admin out of your private party, event or function. The key to hosting a successful private party at a bar is planning, attention to detail, and creating an enjoyable experience for your guests – but Retropolitan have got your covered.